Symetra Finance - Mission

1. Our role and contribution

Symetra-Finance is an independent financial and consulting company.

2. Business determination

We offer consultancy and financial services to the companies from the segment of small and medium business and foreign companies as well.  Our specializations are: creation of systems of effective management, creation of strategic plans and investment projects, solution finding of different financial problems.

3. Our distinctive competencies.

We offer only practice-oriented solutions for Your business. Among of our main principles – operative tasks solving and affordability of our services to the wide range of small/medium business companies.

4. Possible direction of business widening.

Improving of consulting and financial services market through providing of high-quality services for our clients directed to the solving of practice-oriented tasks.



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За результаты в продажах автомобильных кредитов в 2010г. управление "Плюс Банк"

Международный Академический Рейтинг Популярности "Золотая Фортуна" 2011г.
За весомый вклад в развитие рынка финансового консалтинга Украины и профессионализм