Effective management of financial block of a company is one of the most important tasks of modern business. Just one imprecise solution or decision could have very hard consequences for a company. Some linked mistakes can damage the whole business.

Great number of different financial products presented by the market make the task of finding the right one extremely complicated. Our mission is to help You to find optimal practice-oriented solution.

Our knowledge and experience let us advise You and help You to find a solution in following issues:

•    Loan portfolio forming;

•    Management of investment capital;

•    Debt restructuring;

•    Documentary operations;

•    External risk management.

Our competitive advantages:

•    We examine financial management in Your company as the part of whole business, but not as the separate block;

•    Our opinion and our reports to be presented in the most simple and convenient way for understanding;

•    Our services are practice-oriented, we do not offer any solutions not applicable in Ukraine