Specialists of Symetra Finance offer You a number of consultancy services in field of financing of used cars purchase for private persons.

Management of our company takes part in development and further promotion of financial products for used cars purchase. So far as we cooperate with the biggest Ukrainian banks directly we could organize and support such deals.

Possible combination for financing schemes:

  • The Seller – private person, the Buyer – private person.
  • The Seller – company (trade in, auto dealer etc.), the Buyer – private person.

Objects to be financed (cars):

            Used cars which to be used for private needs (non-commercial). Time limits: the car should be maximum 10 years old at the moment of full loan repayment. Purchase of vehicles produced in Russia, China and India is not financed.

List of documents for preliminary borrower examination and credit decision:

  • Borrower passport
  • ITN (Individual tax number) application
  • Application from current employment place – position occupied, amount of net income (extr. Taxes and other payments) in 6 month dynamics (monthly.

For private entrepreneurs – state registration application, tax authority report with stamps in 2-quarter retrospective.

  • Invoice / inspection statement / car description
  • Marriage certificate / death certificate.

Stages of deal performing:

  • To choose a car to be purchased (the Buyer). First contact of the Seller and the Buyer. The Seller should be informed about deal stages and be ready to follow the steps. Preparation of the vehicle inspection statement (the form to be filled in with Symetra Finance representatives).
  • Forming of preliminary documents set (for the Borrower and for the car) – passport, ITN, income application, vehicle technical passport. To be done by Symetra Finance representative and the Buyer/the Borrower jointly.

§  Car inspection (visual) by the bank representative person (appraisal department) – 1 day, express credit decision – 1 day. To be done by representatives of Symetra Finance and Bank jointly.

  • Final fixation of the Seller’s price in sell-purchase agreement. Prepayment from the Buyer’s side.
  • Permanent car state registration annulation / temporary car registration. To get the invoice from special appraisal company (independent). Vehicle lockup on the special site.
  • Performing sell/purchase deal, bank financing. New permanent car state registration.
  • Signing of the loan agreement (with the Borrower), insurance police and collateral agreement.
  • Release the car and car documents to the new car owner.

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